Exceeding Your Expectations

Victoria Jet Center

Exceeding Your Expectations

Victoria Jet Center

Full And Self-Serve Available

Jet Fuel Services

At Victoria Jet Center, we provide both Jet A full-service and Jet A self-service for your fueling needs. We also offer military contracts along with other competitive contract programs. Discounts are available for volume purchases.

Protecting Your Luxuries

Hangar Rentals

Our hangar rental availability is always changing, so we recommend calling the office at 361-578-1221 to learn about the most recent updates. We also provide a waiting list for those who are wishing to lease aircraft storage for special trips, dates, or events.

Caring For You

Services And More

The services at Victoria Jet Center are tailored to meet your needs and fulfill your dreams! When you want to travel in ultimate comfort, our staff are available at your desired convenience.


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Pilot Supplies
Call Out
Hot Fuel
Equipment – GPU, Lavcart, Rectifer, Airstart Cart
Courtesy Cars
Catering with Notice
Dishes Washed
Field Trips
24 Hr ARFF
Tower and Hours
Military Fuel Contract
Contract Fuel Programs
Volume Discount